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Test pressing has arrived! June 07 2020

The test pressing for Konspiration's coming mini-LP "Framtid" has arrived!

We're looking at a possible release date around the end of July / or beginning of August if everything goes according to schedule at the pressing plant! More info T.B.A.  STAY TUNED!

New teaser from Konspiration's upcoming debut release! June 01 2020

Konspiration are teasing with a new single from their upcoming debut mini-LP  "Framtid" set for a release later this summer.  The song "Stockholmsnatt" is out now on all your favourite streaming services!


Konspiration bjuder på ett nytt smakprov från kommande debut mini-LP'n "Framtid" ute senare i sommar på Switchlight Records. Digitala singeln "Stockholmsnatt" är ute nu på alla streaming plattformar!