Lions Law - From The Storm (CD)

115 kr

"The bar is set high. Really high, 'cos the bands debut "A Day Will Come" back in 2013 was one of the best received Oi! records of the last couple of years. 
The 2015 Mini-LP "Open Your Eyes" brought the band to an even higher level, so everyone should be excited what the Paris Bootboys will deliver next: From the beginning they take no prisoners and make clear what we have to expect on "From the Storm": "The Sons of Oi! are here to stay.." smashes all concerns and fears that the Band will ship into safe waters or will develop their sound into boring mass compatible "Streetpunk". 
Hit after Hit, just listening to "Liar" or "Otherwise" make me want to kick someone's ass, the whole album is pure madness, no moment of boredom here! 
14 aggressive and melodic, let's say typical LION'S LAW hooligan battle hymns awaiting the listener - LION'S LAW developed their sound to an own trademark." - Contra Records


1 Sons Of Oi! 
2 Otherwise 
3 Last Train Home 
4 A Thousand Eyes 
5 Give Back The Glory 
6 Trapped 
7 Way Of Life 
8 Interlude 
9 Liar 
10 My Mistakes 
11 The Choise 
12 Under The Earth 
13 From The Storm 
14 With The Wolves

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