Oldfashioned Ideas - We're In This Shit Together" 12' LP

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”We're not here to tell you, teach you or point fingers. We are here to play the music that WE like and tell the tales WE feel should be told. Like it or not”

It’s here, the exclusive 12’/LP version of Oldfashioned Ideas excellent debut album ”We’re In This Shit Together”, maybe one of the best punk albums [CD] of 2010. The LP-edition is strictly limited to 250 hand-numbered copies on transparent purple colored vinyl. Out Now on May 27th!

The Swedish punk band Oldfashioned Ideas was formed in late 2009 out of pure desperation to have something meaningful to do. Per and Niclas (ex-Skunks United) had been talking for a while about starting something up, and when Gustaf (Vindicate This) joined forces, the trio was complete. The first 8 hour rehearsal took place in Skunks United old rehearsal place, and the band was up and running. 

The live debut was made at Klubb Kir in Malmö in January 2010 in front of mostly old friends, but was very well received and gave the band great confidence to keep going and write songs. During the spring, songs were recorded for what would become "We´re In This Shit Together" at Studio Motion in Malmö. 

In October, the debut album was finally released, and the interest it gained was far beyond what anybody could have hoped for. It was very well received both in Sweden, even being nominated for the punk album of the year at the Manifest awards, but also throughout Europe. 

The energy that this has given the band will result in more releases, but most of all, an extreme determination to get out and play!


Per - Bass & Vocals 

Niclas - Guitar 

Gustaf - Drums




Side A

01. Oldfashioned Ideas

02. Hate Patrol

03. Disturbing Presence

04. Forever And Ever

05. Spirit Of ’95

06. Same Old Story

07. V.I.P


Side B


01. Young And Foolish

02. Day After Day

03.Hey Jenny


05.The Anthem

06.Twenty Years

07 Walking Away

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