Suicide Syndicate - In It For Life

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Switchlight Records proudly presents Sweden's unsung punk rock (anti)heroes Suicide Syndicate's brand new album “In it For Life” in stores October 18th! Suicide Syndicate, based in Malmö in southern Sweden, featuring members from legendary Mobile Mob Freak Show as well as other notorious bands such as Projekt Ekan & CDCP sounding like the Dead Boys and GBH's ugly bastard child. The new album “In It for life” is the follow up to 2011’s critically acclaimed debut album “Bad Wolves Eat Small Pigs” and includes twelve brand new tracks including the single “Watch It Fall” previously released this summer and the title track “In It For Life”


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Track list:


1. In It For Life

2. I'm Not Like You

3. I Hate Reality

4. Boys In Blue

5. Watch It Fall

6. Split


7. Don't Let The Bastards

8. Fuck That Weak Shit 

9. Tetrahydrocannibal

10. Soundtrack To Your Suicide

11. No Rest 

12. Worm Head



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