All In Brawl - S/T CD

50 kr

"Australian Oi! core band All In Brawl comes from Canberra city. This is their debut album which contains 14 tracks including 2 cover. According to the band's own words, their music is most influenced by the sound of the band as 86 Mentality, Negative Approach and harder Oi! bands like 4Skins and Combat 84"

- 4Subculture Records

01. A.I.B!
02. Call Us What You Want
03. In Our Hearts
04. Not My Friend
05. You Hate Us
06. Cant Tell No One
07. Why Fucking Bother?
08. No More Second Chances
09. On One Hand
10. Scumbag Parents
11. Til The End
12. Blood Red Violence
13. Rev Sucks
14. Outro...

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