ANTiSEEN / Brody's Militia - The Primal Roar Split 7'

40 kr

"It's a falls-count-anywhere punk rock rematch with no disqualifications! Kentucky thrash savages BRODY'S MILITIA draw first blood with two new tracks of malicious rocked out chainsaw hardcore plus a totally ridiculous country song written in the poorest taste imaginable. Delay suicide just long enough to flip the platter and lose your teeth to the iron fists of ANTiSEEN! The thirty year punk rock veterans and reining heavyweight champs of kicking your ass offer up one new studio barn burner plus a punishing new live rendition of their classic “N.C. Royalty”. Like a grizzly bear gnawing on your empty skull, this squared circle of vinyl violence is pure flesh-rippin' Southern punk rock mayhem wrapped in barbed wire and dipped in rattlesnake venom! More classic cover art by Bill Hauser!"

 - Give Praise Records

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