Double Knockout - Poor Mans Poetry CD

65 kr


"Here we have another tally on gun stock of Czech label 4Subculture Records. The victim is now Swedish punk rock band from Göteborg and Poor Mans Poetry is their debut CD containing 12 songs of pleasant punkrock, from slower songs to faster rhytm. It is typical band from Swedish school similar to Vindicate This, Dims Rebellion or Antipati. R´n´R guitar without booster somewhere sounds like US Bombs and it lightly plays captivating solos and it is very expressive"

- Backstreet Batallion


1. Dirty Water

2. City of Zombies

3. Poor Mans Poetry

4. Something Automatic

5. Blood and Money

6. Wicked Mind

7. Waiting

8. Highway Stranger

9. Meteor

10. Going On

11. My Kind Of Justice

12. Kings Head

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