Labana - Blacklist [7' EP, import]

65 kr

"From the ashes of the melodic Oi!/Punk band Hexen (Basque Country), will rise Labana (razor in english) and "Blacklist" is their EP debut! If Hexen reminds me to the 2000's Oi! bands as the early years of Deadline, Labana reminds me to Punk Rock, Glam Rock or even Hard Rock from latest 70's. Maybe a mix between The Adverts, The Runaways and Penetration or something similar, and of course also to most recent bands as PennyCocks or Suede Razors. Obscure Punk Rock with english lyrics, but keeping that melodic Hexen sound. 3 tracks!" - Common People Records


Side A

1. Blue

Side B

2. Blacklist

3. Midnight

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