Lebel/Harry May/Irmo/Himnos [12'LP, 4 bands split, import]

139 kr

"A new 12" Oi! compilation from the new breed of FTW Oi!/Punk made by Aritz (Irmo/Aggressive Combat/Legez Kanpo). From Mexico comes Himnos, a new classic Oi! band with spanish lyrics which released their demo debut "México 86" late 2018 and their EP debut on vinyl will be out soon. Harry May from Galiza released their EP debut "Never regret" in 2019 and now comes with 2 new songs recorded this year 2020, english lyrics and typical 90's sounds, following the vein of their first EP. Irmo from Euskadi with his typical sound with that classic and boisterous Oi! Oi! sound with some Street Rock'n'Roll influences and basque lyrics. Irmo is a new Oi! band with members from other Basque bands such as Aggressive Combat, Oldarkor, Orreaga 778 and Hawking Thugs. Finally the French Oi! guys Lebel directly from París, who released their debut demo "Passe à l'assaut!" on vinyl with Common People Records, now they bring us two new songs, in the vein of their first recording, raw Oi!, classic and sung in French. Each band provides 2 songs to the Oi! compilation and has been pressed 500 copies on black vinyl. 8 tracks!"

- Common People Records


Himnos-Mexico 86

Himnos-Jack Johnson

Harry May-Street R'n'R

Harry May-Flight jacket


Irmo-Aurrera beti

Lebel-Coureurs de nuit


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