Nothing - Double Dose Of Negativity 12' LP

65 kr


"At the end of last year a new band appeared on the wide HC/punk map of Berlin - NOTHING. Although the band is new, its members are far from newbies. Included in the crew are people who have been involved in the HC/punk scene in Germany for many years - Jobst (HIGHSCORE, MONSTER, PEACE OF MIND)- vocals ; Matthias (HIGHSCORE, DURANGO 95) and Matze (MONSTER, COSTAS CAKE HOUSE)- guitars; Mark (BOMBENALARM, NAILS)- bass guitar; Ronny (SITUATIONS) - drums. Their past experience and a strong urge to find a way of releasing their creative expressions resulted in a debut release which we didn’t have to wait long for. It has the force of a full-length album where you can find some bits and pieces of former bands but more influences from the Japanese „Burning Spirit” era hardcore or no bullshit no prisoners sound of Poison Idea/Negative Approach and touch of late 80's NYC hardcore. no looking back and no xerox of the past. "Double dose of negativity” is divided into eight pills which when taken one after another cause an immediate return to reality. Starting off „With no expectations and with nothing to lose,” the band gives no illusions or empty clichés. Instead, it's a honest story about burn outs, lies, failures and growing old in a city where grassroots and independent culture are pushed out and brutalized by pseudo-artists, hipsters, trends and people celebrating their boredom and emptiness. It seems the youthful idealism of the five guys from Berlin is long gone but their passion, involvement and down to earth critical views are still here, stronger than ever."

- Refuse Records

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