Orreaga 778 - Herrimina [12’ LP, Import]

165 kr

After their latest 12” titled “Utrimque Roditur” released in 2018, the basque Oi!/Punk band Orreaga 778 strikes again with eight brand new tracks in the same vein of their latest release, powerfull melodies, killer guitars and lyrics in euskera! The band remains active since 2005 influenced by English/French Oi! and 80's Basque Punk and they released a handful of records until today, “Herrimina” is their 4th LP and has been released in Europe through Common People Records, Cementerio, The Firm Records and LSM in USA. EU version pressed 450 copies on black, 100 on ‘bone’ and 200 copies as Picture Disc for USA. 8 tracks

- Common People Records


1. Herrimina

2. Durendal

3. Azken ur tragoa

4. Lehen lerroko defentsa

5. Izurri beltza

6. Erronkarin

7. Iruzurra

8. Urtu

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