Pusher - Our Beloved City Of The Dead CD

50 kr

Malaysian street punk straight out of Kuala Lumpur

"Malaysian quartet (performing with flawless English, needless to say) that can't quite decide whether they want to be '77 (think SWELL MAPS and GANG OF FOUR) or OPERATION IVY. Other than an initial horrendous and weird radio cut-up track, the brew actually works. Lots of melody along with the jagged rhythms, raging like a less produced Give 'Em Enough Rope - era CLASH against the ever international evils of greed, apathy, materialism and conformity. Well worth repeated spins. Well, I guess you don't really spin CDs (though then again, they are discs!), but I've revisited this(skipping the first track) several times."

- Maximum Rock'n Roll


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