Suicide Syndicate - Bad Wolves Eat Small Pigs LP

100 kr


Switchlight Records proudly presents Swedish punk band Suicide Syndicate’s debut album “Bad Wolves Eat Small Pigs” in stores September the 16th!
On “Bad Wolves Eat Small Pigs”, limited to 500 copies on black vinyl in gatefold cover, Suicide Syndicate deliver several hard-hitting punkrock anthems after another oozing of early New York & London.
The influences are countless; Lords Of The New Church, Cramps & GBH is just a few names that have been used to describe their sound.

The album also includes covers of the Swedish legendary punk band Cortex and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, where Texas Terri from
Texas Terri Bomb makes a guest appearance on the classic “Where The Wild Roses Grow”.
The debut album which originally was due for a release in May will now finally see the light of day. A serious car accident almost put and
ends to the album and the career for singer/guitarist Bengtsson (ex - Mobile Mob Freakshow)
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Side A:
Badwolves Eat Small Pigs
Reject The Daylight
Self Destruction Soldier
You Don’t Wanna Know
Napalm Stick To Kids

Side B:
Nite Of The Tiger
Dead Generation
Love Hurts
We Got The Razors Tonight
Where The Wild Roses Grow (Featuring Texas Terri)

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