Vis Vires/Ultra Sect [7’ Split, IMPORT, blue]

99 kr

“The american Oi!sters Vis Vires and Ultra Sect join forces for release a new power split EP. About Ultra Sect... the band members have earned their stripes in bands such as the Suede Razors or Hounds & Harlots, Those Unknown and play heavy Bootboy sound with some non-cliche working class attitude, influenced by english legends such as The Crack or Angelic Upstarts, talented french bands such as the Warrior Kids and, last but not least, the very own amercian Oi! style of bands like The Templars or Sydney Ducks. Vis Vires from Los Ángeles (USA) is a new (old) band recruiting members from bands such as The Templars, The Hardknocks and Bovver Wonderland. Vis Vires formed in the Los Angeles area and their vinyl debut is called "The Wolves". Guitars and background-vocals plunge their sound into a dark and apocalyptical mood, at some point reminding to bands such as Legion 76 or even Battle Ruins. 4 tracks!” - Common People Records


Vis Vires
  1. Beware
  2. Guillotine
Ultra Sect
  1. Blood Laws
  2. Conquer and Divide

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